How Cryptocurrency ATMs are Changing the World

You don’t have to be an expert on anything financial to have heard of crypto-currencies at this point. They are covered on the news by mainstream sources of media, and they cover it frequently. Not only that, but more everyday people are now using crypto-currencies as a part of their everyday lives. It is quite possible that there are people you know personally who use these currencies. The value of crypto-currencies is now understood by a larger segment of the public, and that public has latched onto the idea of trading it and using it.

ATMs Get Started In Earnest

There are now more than 7,000 crypto-currency ATMs available worldwide. These ATMs help people make the transactions that they need to make. The ATM will allow a person to trade their dollars for Bitcoins or the other way around. It is amazing that these transactions can happen so rapidly, and it means that money can flow either way that it needs to go.

This is a long way from when the very first crypto-currency ATM hit the scene in 2013 in a coffee house in Vancouver, Canada. It was an instant hit. There were over $10,000 worth of transactions done on the first day alone. This was a big deal and a sign of things to come. It was a big signal to other companies that they should hop in on this surge of enthusiasm for crypto-currency ATMs just as soon as they possibly could.

CoinFlip Is A Leader In This Field

You don’t have to tell the people at CoinFlip how important crypto-currency ATMs are and how much profit they can generate for the operators of these machines. They are a leader in the field and have been innovating their way to the very top. They know that by launching many of these bitcoin ATMs and making people even more familiar and comfortable with the concept that they can make a dent in the way that people think about these things overall.

Their ATMs are made specifically for trading in some of the off-brand crypto-currencies out there as well. The company understood that there were plenty of ATM machines that would offer Bitcoin and the like, but that is just not enough right now. They have made it easier than ever for their customers to trade in other virtual currencies as well. After all, we know that diversification in any investment makes sense, and those who hold virtual currencies don’t have to be told this twice.

There is little dispute at this time that CoinFlip and the whole virtual currency movement is winning the battle. They have gotten it done now and are moving on to expanding the battlefield. They will continue to make strides to get people to understand that crypto-currencies are here to stay and that they are the way of the future. Expect to see a whole lot more ATMs and other crypto-currency related products around the world. This will make the bridge to a world that is full of these currencies a lot easier.


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