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With the advent of technology and globalization many new innovations and discoveries have happened in the 21st century. This century is a century of information and one such breakthrough is the advent of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which is basically available online and cannot be seen in physical form. It uses the cryptographical function to do any financial transactions and is used for trading purposes, purchasing and selling online and many other such purposes. It is not controlled by either state government or central government so it is free from any kind of regulation that is it can be easily traded online without any kind of interference. It can be done freely without any middleman or broker between the buyer and seller, therefore, making it an easy process of exchange and helping users to do transactions without involving any middleman and making them free from the burden of heavy fees charged by the middleman. With the increase in trade of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Altcoins, it is highly essential that the market is regulated and precautionary measures are taken to ensure that there is no fraud happening and the customer can conveniently do transactions.

Who Is A CryptoCurrency Broker?

There are many cryptocurrency brokers available in the market out of which one is Cryptocurrency brokers find customers who hold a large number of cryptocurrency and buy and sell them on behalf of the customer in the market. The funds are traded through a dealer and it helps the customer in a timely settlement date, flexibility, and convenience in doing trading. The cryptocurrency broker is better than a cryptocurrency exchange because in exchange for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency is done through a current market price. The exchange charges free from customers like fiat for the cryptocurrency or they will charge exchange between different cryptocurrencies. It is advisable to trade cryptocurrency below AU $50000 through an exchange but for the trade of cryptocurrency above AU $50000 OTC (Over the Counter) market that is trading through a broker is preferable. It is very easy to become a cryptocurrency broker.

What is FinexArena?

FinexArena is a top-class foreign exchange broker that offers a wide range of products such as stocks, shares, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. It is heavily regulated by the regulating body therefore it is totally safe and for customers for trading. It follows all the regulations and compliance given by the regulating body. It does not allow corporate credit cards thus preventing it from any stealing attack and solving any money laundering activity. It a site which can be trusted blindly and it helps the customers to do transactions without any fear or loss.

Efficient Trading Platforms

FinexArena offers a wide range of efficient trading platforms such as:-


Meta Trader 4 is available for all types of customers whether they are a beginner or intermediate and it is acknowledged by retail and institutional investors. Meta Trader 4 can be downloaded in any device such as android, ios, Windows and Linux. It is integrated with more than 700 trusted brokers.

Android Trader

Android trader is a special platform developed b FinexArena for traders having android phones. The customer can do analysis with 30 different technical indicators and three different charts.

iPad Trader and iPhone Trader

FinexArena has developed a trading platform for both iPad users and iPhone users so as to help them do transactions effectively and efficiently with ease and comfort. It has a wide number of features such as technical indicators, real-time quotes, intuitive interface, multilingual support, etc.

Different types of accounts for traders

FinexArena offers different types of accounts to its different customers depending upon the expertise level and needs of each and every customer. Each account offers different features and tools. The different account offered by FinexArena to its customer base is:-

Silver Account

This account is for the customer who is trading at a low level therefore the minimum limit of brokerage is $250. It requires the minimum limit of investment a $ 50000 and an interest rate of 1.5% per month. A personal account manager and a market analyst are provided to help the account holders in any way possible.

Gold Account

This account offers a 50% bonus. The executive account manager is appointed for the package which helps in a better way of managing the funds. It provides insights about how to form an excellent portfolio and outstanding diversification. The gold account requires a minimum investment limit of $ 100000 and an interest rate of 2.5% every month.

Platinum Account

This account offers a 100% bonus and it is good for traders who have a high expertise level and it is suitable for professional traders. This account requires a minimum deposit of $ 50,000 while a minimum investment limit is $ 250000 and the interest rate is 3.75% per month.


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