Debt Funds vs. Equity Funds – Top Differences & Guide On Which Is A Better Investing Option

There isn’t a whole lot of overlap between equities funds & debt funds, other than the fact that both are types of market-linked mutual funds. Having stated that, we need to discuss the key distinctions between equity funds and debt funds. Most significantly, we will assist you in determining if you should put your money in equity funds or debt funds and why.

What exactly are debt funds?

Debt funds are financial products that are comparable to other funds, such as an S&P 500 exchange-traded fund or a Fidelity mutual fund. The fund management will utilize the money contributed by investors to acquire and sell investments owned by the fund. Investors will pool their money together. The only thing that differentiates an S&P 500 ETF from a debt fund is the kind of investments that are kept inside the fund; an S&P 500 ETF invests in equities, whilst a debt fund invests in debt.

What are Equity funds?

Equity funds are investment vehicles that buy shares of stock in publicly traded firms. These companies can be found in a variety of market capitalization, industries, topics, and nations. Stocks make up around 60–65 percent of the portfolio of an equity fund. As a means of mitigating the portfolio’s overall exposure to risk, the remaining holdings can consist of debt and securities traded on money markets. A fund manager is a person who makes the decisions on which equities should be bought and sold. If the fund is managed efficiently, the manager will keep a close eye on the market at all times to determine when to purchase and sell stocks. These funds would have a higher expenditure ratio; nevertheless, there is a bigger probability that they may offer attractive returns.

Debt Funds Vs Equity Funds

Types of Investments

Debt mutual funds are funds that raise money from the general public and afterward put the money in a substantial chunk of this amount in a variety of fixed-income assets such as government bonds, RBI bonds, as well as other top regarded securities. These funds are referred to as “funds” because they raise money from the general public. Equity Mutual Funds are types of funds that collect money from the general public and afterward invest a significant percentage of that money in various stock markets.


One further significant distinction that can be made between equity mutual funds and debt mutual funds is the availability of a plethora of different sorts of debt funds, some of which may assist you in making investments for as little as one day or as long as several years. As an illustration: Investing in financial securities that will mature within the next 24 hours allows overnight funds to virtually eliminate any interest rate risk. The majority of investments held by liquid funds are short-term securities with maturities of 91 days or less. There is a low to moderate level of interest rate risk associated with extremely short and low duration investments with durations ranging from three months to twelve months. Short duration funds, with durations ranging from 1 to 3 years, have a moderate sensitivity to changes in interest rates, whereas mid to long-duration funds, long-duration funds, as well as Gilt funds, with durations ranging from 4 to 7 years or longer, have such a high sensitivity to changes in interest rates.

Both equity & debt are market-linked securities that are associated with one another to some extent. However, it is well known that the prices of shares decline more than those of debt instruments whenever the market is in a bear market (bonds, t-bills, etc.). Therefore, debt funds are considered to be more secure than equity funds. Additionally, overnight funds, and liquid funds, including ultra short-term funds, are regarded as the most secure varieties of mutual funds available in India.


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