New BSNL postpaid plans with unlimited calling

BSNL is one of the top-ranked telecom service providers in the market along with Reliance Jio, Airtel, VI, and others.

To claim its position in the market BSNL has been launching new plans for its users frequently. They are introducing new postpaid plans with unlimited calling and data rollover facility on 1st December. Users can enjoy the benefits of these postpaid plans from December 2020. One gets free 100 SMS, unlimited voice calls, and data rollover benefit along with these postpaid packs.

What is data rollover facility?

Data rollover is a new feature introduced by telecom companies where a user can use the unused data of the weekdays on the weekend. We stay busy throughout the weekdays; as a result, we cannot use the full data quota of those days. This is a huge wastage of data. On the other hand, one weekend, we get more than enough time to exceed our daily data limit, and before the day ends, the quota of our daily data runs out. To solve this problem, different telecom companies are offering data rollover facility. With this facility, we can use the remaining data of our weekdays, on the weekend. Thus, our data is not wasted and we do not run out of data on weekends.

New BSNL postpaid plans

BSNL has launched 3 new postpaid plans with unlimited calling facility. These plans are listed below;

  • 199 Rs recharge plan

With this pack, you get unlimited free on-net calling along with 300 minutes of free off-net calling facility. The user also gets 25 GB of high-speed data. Data rollover facility is also offered to the customer where they can use up to 75 GB rollover data. Moreover, you get 100 free SMS daily with this pack.

  • 798 Rs recharge plan

You get an unlimited voice calling facility to any non-BSNL network with this plan. One also gets 50 GB of high-speed data along with 150 GB data rollover benefits. 100 free SMS is also included in this pack. One can add 2 family add-on connections, who can enjoy this plan.

  • 999 Rs recharge plan

With this pack, you get 75 GB data and 225 GB rollover data. This pack also gives you unlimited voice calls overall networks over India along with 100 free SMS daily. 3 family add-ons are also available with this plan.

These are the new plans launched by BSNL with a free unlimited calling facility.

What is the best way for BSNL bill payment?

You can now pay BSNL bills online. There are numerous online payment gateways that are secure and trusted. Airtel Payments Bank is one of such BSNL bill payment platforms. The user has to create an account with Airtel and enjoy their various offers and discounts on each payment. One can also pay DTH bills, gas bills, electricity bills, using this bank.

Using an online payment method makes everything easy. So, use Airtel Payments Bank and enjoy new BSNL recharge and BSNL postpaid plans.


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