What do handymen do and how much does it cost?

A “handyman” is also known as a “handyperson”. A handymen work as an unlicensed contractor and furnish the maintenance of the house, small home repairs, and easier installation services to its customers. A handyman also is an expert in doing small carpentry, plumbing, painting, plastering, or drywall work, but none of these needs any kind of a license or permit. Roofing, air conditioning, or furnace installations are some of the specialties that do not lie under the category of a handyman job description.

Every one of us needs the requirement of the handyman services, and your handyman business mostly fulfills the requirement in your neighborhood. But, what would you do if you are willing to protect yourself along with your assets, and your business against the potential litigation and loss?

If your answer is no, then a seasoned agent can help you out to get a business insurance review to detect the weaker areas of your business. You can easily correct them with the policies that are designed for your business requirements. Handymen works in a larger range of areas and you should ensure that your policy covers you for that specific area that you are doing.

Well, do you have any idea that what kind of insurance do handymen need? A handymen insurance quote business covers commercial auto, general liability, business property. Apart from these areas, some other specialty coverages are available based on their specific operations. If your job is to function as a carpenter, plumber, home maintenance helper, electric installer, flooring professional, then mostly you need to have a handyman insurance coverage. The insurance coverage would help you to adjust the risks that you face in your work area.

Handymen offer various areas of work, but it has so many risks as well. Let us have a look at a few of the risks:

  1. Due to personal injury or property damage loss might happen. The loss claims that are caused by you or others working for you during the business course.
  2. Thefts of equipment, damage, and loss of tools during the business course. This can be in the area of your workplace, business area, or while in transit to a job.
  3. Claims that arise from damage that is caused by you or an employee. This may happen while traveling in a company or personal vehicle. This may not only damage your vehicle but also can cause injury to employees and damage to third parties.

Now you might surely be curious to know that how much handymen cost.

The average price of a General Liability Insurance policy for a small business of a handyman of standard $1,000,000/$2,000,000 ranges between $37 to $49/month. This is measured based on location, size, payroll, sales, and experience.

Although there are several risks in the business of handymen, an insurance policy may help to manage the overall things. One must keep these handymen insurance quote risks in mind and take any further steps accordingly.


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